Lirik Lagu Suicide Note – Disagree

Trouble follows me to my doorsteps
I don’t want to know
Blood from heaven and things from hell
They’re forcing me where to go
So when you start to realize that
I get no more sleep on brother
So when i walk and when i
So when i talk and it’s turning

I left my suicide note
On the door once more

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The pipe is blowing and
They’re started searching
Im not afraid to go
So bring me so when i walk
And when i so when i talk
And it’s turning
So when you feel like love
So when you think above
And there’s nobody there
So when you feel estranged
And there’s no complaints
Dear god im turning

I left my suiside note on the door
Baby won’t you look me
In the eye once more?
Lose in eyes and
Well he can’t stand in my way
Hit me honey i left my
Thing down to play

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