Lirik Lagu Royal Rumble – Jammer

Royal Rumble – Jammer

On this ting from early man a been doing this from day 1

Tell a man come down, tell a man seckle
When I say neckle
I’m a big man but I’m not 30
And I’m still smoking the pole like yeah
And when I say yeah DJ pull up the tune like yeah
Gun fingers in the air like yeah
Boy Better Know for the rest of the year

You’re not from my way
Step on the manor and you’ll get sprayed
From a Mac-10, Uzi or A.K
Clap, 1, 2, 3, pray
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, pray
In my window pane
I’ll pull em up, feel no way
Guts on the floor
On display

Mess with me
Your kidney
A whole the size of 1p
Straight for the middle with the A.K. guarantee with me
Your kidney
A whole the size of 1p
Straight for the middle with the A.K. guarantee with me

Or you will get pa-pow
This my team pa-pow
This my scene pa-pow
Mess with the cream pa-pow
You will get pow, pow pow

They didn’t wanna know before
(You get me)
Said I was shit before
(You get me)
They showed me no love before
(You get me)
But now they wanna get me

If I see you in my ends…
When I catch you on your ones…
So here you’ll wanna be…

I said you just got air pie
Spit in the rave get air pie
That 16 is air pie
If you come against face its air pie

Everybody knows about nice
Bun a zoot I’m nice
Drink 2 juice I’m nice
I know a couple girls in the manner who think they’re nice
Cos they got pressed up and their arse look nice
But their insides ain’t nice
Hit that with 2 rubbers I’m nice

I said wave it down
Hands in the air, wave it down
That girl over their, wave it down
It’s foots on the mic
Imma wave it, wave it

What’s goin on?
Walk in the rave like what’s goin on?
Jump on stage like what’s goin on?
Everybody’s gettin brave now, what’s goin on?
What’s goin on? What’s goin on?
I’m ready to ride out
What’s goin on?
Come straight to your hideout
What’s goin on?
Don’t act like you don’t know what’s goin on

Booooom, water boy
People see my baby mum they’re like oi
Talk to girls I don’t talk to boys

[by :]

Yo, I’m like la, la, la
Might come through with the la, la, la
Boom, splat, la, la, la

It’s all bless innit
As long as you don’t get fresh innit
Roll to the shubz in a black taxi
Well it’s all for the best innit
Your girl, I like her breasts innit
Love to see her undressed innit
Took her to the yard just to watch TV
Next thing you know I was sexing it

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