Lirik Lagu Memories Remain – The Official

There you stood, and you said
That you believe in you and me
But times has changed, and you know
That it’s not what it used to be
So here you are, you stand alone
Cos’ there is no more unity
You faith the truth, it was a lie
A Fabrication of you and me

There we were years ago
Promised that we would fight till the end
We stood strong tall and pround
Fought our battles witch every ounce of strength
But in our hearts, we always knew
That it would all come to an end
So here we are, miles apart
And all we can say is goodbye my friend
koleksi lirik lagu

I cant believe its true
How i wish that we could go back in time
Make it all work for one last time
Even though i know you lets us down
I want you to know that the memories remain

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