Lirik Lagu Magic – Psytrus

Lirik Lagu : Magic
Artis : Psytrus
Album : Single (2015)

I see you,
Look at me while I look at you,
You know I want you,
So take my hand and we’ll disappear,
Let’s not worry,
Bout where we’ll go or what we’ll do,
As long as we’re together,
Just me and you,

And then we’ll sleep in thru the morning,
Call in sick,
Coz work’s so boring,
We’ll make love in the afternoon,
Turn off our phones,
Coz babe all I need,
Is in front of me, In you,
It may not last forever, but
It’s its mortality, That makes it,

I’ll remember,
The clothes you wore and the way you smelt,
It was perfect,
There’s nothing I would change about,
That night we met, The way we felt,
It came so naturally,
Can’t wait till we’re together,
Just you and me,

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We’ll sleep in through the morning
Call in sick coz work’s so boring,
Make love in the afternoon,
Turn off our phones
Coz babe all I need
Is in front of me in you,
It may not last forever but
It’s it’s mortality
That makes it

Lirik Lagu Magic – Psytrus

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