Lirik Lagu Kuala Lumpur – The Suspects

Look like a child was born out of the wedlock
Forcing anybody for the money
Shock headed and his eye showing shady
Depressed common people, when they look at him

Tap someoneon the shoulder
Asking for the money and they’ve got their needs
The junkies and drugs just you look and see
Now we’re the boy ( we’re the boys )
Another product of this country
koleksi lirik lagu

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It’s fun here in Kuala Lumpur
It’s time we purify Kuala Lumpur
It’s fine to believe Kuala Lumpur
And this time it will last for long

Stand up everybody, lets us stand up all mates
Whoever you are we must think to win
This ups and downand its goes round and round
Put your hands together, sing this song for me

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