Lirik Lagu Chop – Sevendust

Lirik Lagu : Chop
Artis : Sevendust
Album : Kill The Flaw (2015)

On my way to a dark horizon
Struggle is my name
Disgrace is yet to find me
But I see it every day

Damn all your little voices
My kingdoms whisper a prayer for you
God help me, I am moving mountains
Or else you’re gonna get away again
Look up to the blackened sky
Decide when it’s time to feel it

I see this heading for disaster
Shadows coming at my dreaming
Why can’t I feel it?
I see this opened up the bleeding
Cut the part that keeps me breathing
But I’m still feeling

What do you say
To the ghosts that follow
Do you pray for sweet escape?
What remains of the life you waste
And did you live another day?

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Can you Chop

Lirik Lagu Chop – Sevendust

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