Lirik Lagu Angel’s Orchestra – Disagree

Black in white white in black
That is why there’s no respect
For the human race human faith
I cannot see that’s why i taste
The shed of tears it’s crystal clear
I cannot eat i cannot sleep
I cannot die that why i live

Trusting was a part of me
But now it’s gone to say the least
Trusting was a part of you
But now it’s gone to wreck the view
Anna want’s to buy some time
Anna want’s to realize
Like the crow that want’s to eat
He’ll find some time to make his peace

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In the field out here
In the open air
Everybody lives in despair
From the one from the least
He can’t help you no can we
So first you’ll crawl then you’ll fall
When you try to climb that wall
Believe in him believe in me
You time is up and i am ( near )

At least i can’t do nothing but disagree

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