Lirik Lagu Mirror Mirror – M2M

Why don’t I like the girl I see? The one that’s standing right in front of me Why don’t I think before I speak? I should have listened to that voice inside me I must be stupid Must be crazy Must be out of my mind To say the kind of things I said last night Mirror Mirror hanging on the wall You don’t have to tell me Who’s the biggest fool of all Mirror Mirror I wish you could lie to me And bring my baby back Bring my baby back to me Mirror Mirror,lie to me Show me

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Lirik Lagu Mirror Mirror – 4 Minute

Let’s go 4minutes left 4minutes left Ah! Ah! 4minutes left 4minutes left Ah! Ah! Daeche wae, geuttaen nal, geodeul tteo boji anhgo Maeil nal, geudaeman, bara boge man deulgo