Lirik Lagu Intro – BEAST

Gireotji gidarim Thanks for waiting for me
So many things happened to me
Yuilhage nal sumgyeojun Music
Some people hate me or some people love me
But it’s just music pyeongyeon eobsi deureojugil

Naega neukkineun geol neukkyeotdeon geol wonhaneun geol baraneun geol
Bwawatdeon geol aratdeon geol i modeun ge jeonhaejigil
Sangcheo batgo jichyeobeorin sseureojigo neomeojyeobeorin
Useumeul irheobeorin ideuregeneun wiroga doegir Like me

Thanks, waiting for me and ma boys BEAST
I do it for all ma fans and ma people
Big shout out to TJ we are a supreme team
I love y’all peace

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