Lirik Lagu 1234 – Bittersweet

One two three four five
How many times untill you can decide
What’s wrong when u can’t feel it right?
No need for you to run and hide

Five six seven eight
We didn’t came here to educate
We came here just too stay up late
Alert your friends there’ll be a raid

No matter what you do
Or where you go
It’s in your brain
Because u just can’t let it go

One two month before
She made me wrote this silly line
I can’t get through but is that a crime?
I’m lost for words forgot how it rhyme

Five six seven times
Attractive still your eyes and smile
It makes me feel so good inside
Because it’ll come to you when the time is right

No matter what you do
Or where you go
It’s in your brain
It’s in your vein
Because u just can’t let it go

Hey wait
I can wait
Everybody’s looking for better days
And i keep looking for better ways
Don’t you worry there will be another day

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Latest Comments
  1. qiela

    lgu nie mmg best

  2. su manje

    nice lyric

  3. adibey

    lagu baru ya?

    • qiela

      mg lgu bru pown…dgr r at xfm law ske

  4. aibaks

    aku cam penah dengar gak lagu ni.. tapi versi lain skit

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