Infinite – A Person Like Me Lyrics


Eonjena geoddeon i gili
Wae ireohke sseulsseulhan geolkka
Kkeutchi eobkie
Neoreuk bonaetdeon geonde
Ajikdo nan neoreul
Ijji mothaneunde

Neorean saram jiweotneunde
Na wae ireohke geuriwoongeolkka
Dashi jiweo bojiman nunmul samkyeo bojiman
Dashi chajaon geu saramjjakiman

Geojitmalijyo geudae
Saranghaetdan geu mal
Nae maeum gipi sangcheo maneuro mudeodugo itjyo

Chueok jocha jiweotneunde
Wae ireohke aryeonhangeolkka
Dashi chama bojana
Neol ijeuryeo hajana
Dashi chajaol geu saramkkajiman

Nan aningayo
Geudaereul wihan sarami itnayo

Jal aljiman geureohjiman geudae
Nareul nohjimayo

Naran saram neomu jigeutjigeuthan saramgingeol
Eojjeol su eobjyo
Na jochado ireohke jibchakmanhaneungeol

Ireohke babo gateun na
Neomu babo gateun na

Bol so obgetjyo
Ijeneun moduda kkeutchigetjyo

Jal aljiman geureohjiman geudae
Nareul ihaehaeyo

Geudaereul wihan sarami itgetjyo

Jal aljiman geureohjiman geudae
Nareul nohjimayo


This road that I always walked
Why does it feel so lonely
I sent you away because there seemed to be no end
But I still can’t forget you

I erased someone like you
But why do I miss you so much
Although I try to erase you and hold back my tears again
But that person who comes back again

It’s a lie, right
When you said that you loved me
You only leave scars deep in my heart

I erased all memories
But why do I feel so sad
I try to hold back again
I try to erase you
That person who will come back again

Am I not the one
Is there someone else for you

Although I know it well, please don’t let go of me

I can’t do anything about me being a tiring person
I only become obsessed like this

I seem like a fool like this
Really like a fool
You know it

I won’t be able to see you
It’s probably the end

Although I know it well, please understand me

It’s a lie, right
There’s probably someone for you

Although I know it well, please don’t let go of me

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